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About Audeo

Audeo is a boutique customer-focused consulting company that provides DevOps and Cloud Computing services.

Combining our highly qualified engineering staff, our partnerships with multiple world class infrastructure and connectivity providers, and our experiences working with a variety of clients in the fashion, digital and services industries, we are able to meet the unique hosting needs of our clients in a variety of environments.

From devops and cloud computing to data-center engineering and architecture, Audeo brings unparalleled experience working in high performance and technically challenging environments to deliver exceptional results. Our engineering solutions enable unparalleled flexibility, scale, and customization, giving you the cloud that you want and need.

Regardless of your business objectives, Audeo can help you achieve your goals - on time, and on budget.

DevOps Consulting

We provide comprehensive consulting at any level — from cloud design and development, to deployment and management.

Regardless of your needs or goals, Audeo can help you get there.

Pre-Adoption Cloud Consulting

Our knowledgeable staff can adapt your existing processes and procedures to better work within the cloud upon adoption.

Cloud migrations can be tricky. Don't be caught off guard.

Cloud Hosting Design & Implementation

Our scalable bandwidth and service offerings allow us to design and implement solutions to meet any needs in a variety of private, hybrid, or public cloud environments.

Make a decision with the best financial analysis available for your needs.

Expert Cloud Management

Audeo enables enterprises to maximize their resources and empower their engineers to focus on revenue-generated initiatives. Acting as a force-multiplier, Audeo provides transparency, control, and speed to your development team so they can grow your business.

Planning Success

Cloud migration plans need to organize dozens of complex systems and guarantee a smooth transition. A proper strategy uses both quantitative and qualitative data gathered to prioritize projects with the most immediate and measurable benefits to your business in order to make a big impact fast. Before you make the leap, know where you're going, and what the costs will be.

Perfection: Constant, Relentless Improvement.

Our expansive DevOps expertise enables clients to deploy new services quickly while applying continuous improvement methodologies to encourage greater innovation, boost performance and reduce cost, maintain strict adherence to regulatory requirements, and proactively guarantee that every environment is secure, reliable, and performant.

Our Clients

Who We Are

Justin Baugh, President

Justin Baugh has two decades of experience as a systems engineer and architect, and focuses on large scale systems administration, architecture, and engineering, as well as CI/CD environments.

Matt Anderson, VP Engineering

Matt Anderson brings an extraordinary depth of Unix knowledge and experience to the consulting team.

Hunter Modes, Cloud Engineer

Hunter Modes is a cloud engineer with over fifteen years of devops experience working at scale in a variety of digital environments.

Contact Us

At Audeo we’re ready to help you tackle your most challenging cloud initiatives. Get in touch with us and speak with an expert in the field today. Regardless of your current challenges, reach out - we guarantee we'll help you get more done with the cloud. or (855) GO-AUDEO