Launched in October 2009, Epix reaches 9.5 million paid television subscribers in the United States, giving the channel the lowest subscriber tally among the major U.S. pay cable channels.

Epix, as well as its three multiplex channels, are sold by paid television providers as either a premium service or as part of an a la carte digital movie tier. As of March 2015, it is also available to Sling TV subscribers, along with Sundance TV and TCM, as part of the Hollywood Extra add-on pack.

Epix provides eight multiplex channels, four 24-hour multiplex channels, three of which are simulcast in both standard definition and high definition, as well as a subscription video-on-demand service.

A hybrid premium cable and satellite television network headquartered in New York City, Epix’s subscription video on demand service is operated by a joint venture of Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Viacom handles operational support for the channel, including marketing and affiliate services, through Viacom Music and Entertainment Group.

The Epix television channel features theatrically released motion pictures, documentaries, concert and comedy specials, and boxing and mixed martial arts matches.

The Challenge

Epix relied on legacy, custom technology and solutions for their developmental operations management. The company needed current operational structure in order to launch a new API service for delivering content to any device.

Their Amazon Web Services (AWS) spending was increasing, and there was no support for dynamic scaling of the environment. Overall, Epix lacked coordination and autoscaling to align with their goals in a transitioning business environment.

The Solution

Expert Consulting
The Audeo professionals were able to evaluate Epix’ current infrastructure and learn more about their challenges. With a design strategy and plan in place, they met with the Epix team to recommend new technology, processes, and tools that would resolve their issues and ensure business continuity for the future.

Operations Management Strategy
Once a technology strategy was put in place to develop the right infrastructure and manage the operations, Epix was able to take control of their environment for improved user experiences and increased sales. Audeo used the DevOps Consulting methods to bring this to fruition.

Cloud Video-On-Demand Solutions
With a cloud-based video-on-demand solution, Epix could engage in a more cost-efficient, scalable, and streamlined delivery while Epix’ customers received the level of customer service and seamless streaming they had come to expect from Epix. Epix productivity increased, and customer satisfaction greatly improved.

Cost-Efficient Autoscaling
In a robust autoscaling effort, AWS spending was reduced and Epix is now paying only for what they need in terms of sales support and services. They are managing their business based on customer and internal demands while they stay focused on their business at hand.

The Projects

Increased AWS Spending Efficiency by 200%
Spinup speeds increased 1
Improved Technology
Cost-Efficient Cloud Model
Effective Operations Management Strategy

Products Used For Client: DevOps Consulting, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Technical Products: Ansible, Jenkins, Ruby on Rails, Amazon RDS / Elasticache

In Conclusion:
Audeo provided key DevOps Consulting methods and the technical expertise to help scale and develop Epix applications in the cloud. In this solution, Audeo pushed video-on-demand delivery to a variety of devices among hundreds of thousands of users. Audeo worked with Epix to develop stack orchestration and autoscaling components in a challenging, always-on environment. Today, Epix’ challenges are managed and customers are receiving the products and services at the level they desire.


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