Rapid Cloud Assimilation

Each cloud migration begins with the right information from the right business units. Detailed business and technical information will help determine priorities and unite enterprise leaders.

Audeo’s specialists and engineers will guide your team through a series of exercises assessing goals, gathering requirements, and planning priorities.

Planning Success

Cloud migration plans need to organize hundreds of complex systems and guaranteeing smooth transitions. A proper strategy uses both quantitative and qualitative data gathered to prioritize projects with the most immediate and measurable benefits to your business in order to make a big impact fast.

Whether your organization operates 50 applications or 500, a well-designed strategy will help organize, track, and compile your cloud migration process.

Acclimate Efficiently

We have an ambitious vision for your cloud adoption that spans the enterprise. Once we have a detailed strategy in place, it is time to begin migrating your applications.

We help enterprises make intelligent architectural decisions and migrate smoothly to the cloud. Our team of specialists and engineers adapt new and legacy applications to cloud resources, evolving your IT operations and your team’s potential.

Analysis & Heat-Map

Financial impact to CapEx/Opex, depreciation schedules, leases. Consolidate information to determine rough prioritization of cloud migration.

Testing & Experimentation

Test and optimize at every phase of migration ensures efficiency and rapid response to new business opportunities with flexible architecture.

Sequencing & Planning

Creating detailed roadmap based on business unit impact, RPO/RTO requirements, and business projections. Applying strategies for training, sourcing, partnering, and change management, with defined key deliverables.