Evolving your Business

Without the correctly implemented tools, cloud adoption will not transform your business. You need the correct automation tools and DevOps methodologies to move faster, iterate frequently, and build better products.

Refined Cloud Management

Audeo enables enterprises to maximize their resources and empower their engineers to focus on revenue-generated initiatives. Acting as a force-multiplier, Audeo provides transparency, control, and speed to your development team so they can grow your business.

Audeo provides ongoing optimization and deep integration with your internal team, helping you plan for big events and architecting your cloud for long-term flexibility.

With a secure infrastructure, flexible, disposable, and fast; your team can experiment and deliver products that delight your customers.

Industry Leading Support

24x7x365 management from a dedicated team of named engineers. Includes AWS Enterprise Support.

Compliance Support

Maintain HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and other compliance mandates.

Cloud Expertise

Over 25 years of traditional hosting and server experience , combined with extensive proficiency in AWS and other Cloud platforms.