Dynamic Cloud Architecture for your Cornerstone Applications

Far more than sets of tools and collaboration, DevOps is an approach that emphasizes great products and a great customer experience over complex procedures and cautious product development.

Using cloud automation and tooling to support agile development teams, Audeo uses DevOps methodologies to manage internal processes, and integrate with your internal IT teams to enable continuous integration, development, and innovation.

Create, Adapt, Refine; Perfection is Constant Improvement.

All businesses are in a different stage of DevOps transformation, some just beginning. Audeo helps you get there faster.

Our expansive DevOps expertise enables clients to deploy new services quickly while applying continuous improvement methodologies to encourage greater innovation, boost performance and reduce cost, maintain strict adherence of regulatory requirements, and proactively guarantees that every node meets security specifications.

Cloud Strategy

Evaluating your current DevOps frameworks and creating a detailed roadmap, our strategists will help implement DevOps best practices.

Automation Deployment

Deployment of automation cycles reduce manual effort, streamline testing, and accelerate development.

Architecture Configuration

Our proprietary process optimizes your cloud architecture for rapid scalability, instant failover, and automated security protocols.

Security Measures

Audeo modernizes security management systems with automated security protocols, central logging, and seamless threat analysis in deployment pipelines.

Productivity Monitoring

Linking DevOps methodologies to critical KPIs demonstrates the true impact of DevOps on operations.  Audeo provides real-time access to metrics that measure performance

Team Development

Assessment of  current team structures and skills, allows Audeo to suggest training, additional staffing where appropriate, and coach internal staff through the team structure necessary for CI/CD.