Augment your Data Architecture with the Cloud

Providing huge opportunities for scalability and flexibility, Hybrid Cloud solutions present significant challenges for consistency, security, and orchestration across multiple complex systems.


Redundancy, Versatility, Agility

Our senior engineers and database architects work in tandem with your business to fine-tune a custom Hybrid Cloud solution to address your current requirements as well as scale into your longer term IT management strategy ensuring maximum flexibility, agility, security and faster deployment times.

Disaster Recovery & Failover Systems

Migrating backups to a Hybrid Cloud solution is one of the most common migrations for large enterprises. We can implement a cost-efficient, reliable DR system.

Automated Protocols

Audeo’s automation specialized engineers create and maintain self-healing, auto scaling, secure clouds across multiple systems and platforms.

Industry Leading Expertise

Audeo’s 25+ years in traditional IT gives us the depth of experience to manage, migrate, or integrate legacy systems with AWS and other systems.