From understanding customers to providing a cohesive experience across channels, commerce leaders rely on Audeo to help them work better and to engage challenges creatively.  Whether it meeting shopper expectations or rewiring the supply chain, Audeo is redefining the way online commerce operates within a global market.

In today’s retail environment, people no longer go shopping at all.  They DO shopping.

Re-engineering web site platforms to make use of next-generation solutions, including the J2EE-based architecture, Audeo creates e-commerce architectures complete with interaction based order management and fulfillment.  Top of the line systems include new enterprise information management, supply chain streamlining, future state ordering, receiving process consolation, and innovative Executive Information Management Systems (EIS).


Leading in the impact analysis of reform and addressing regulatory mandates, Audeo  helps healthcare leaders engage in their new challenges through creative and dynamics methods.

By managing costs and helping develop new ways to grow profitability and efficiency; Audeo is defining the way healthcare companies benefit from cloud services.

A  leader in providing HIPAA Compliant cloud solutions, with years of experience delivering medical-grade hosted cloud computing solutions; Audeo’s clients are confident that the infrastructure running their technical, analytics,  and industry applications is HIPAA compliant, and that patient data will remain confidential.

Software Services

Real-time data delivery to data cleansing to analysis; software service pioneers choose us to provide invaluable insight to work better and to approach challenges differently.

Software develpers need to provide a uniform experience on multiple form factors and operating systems, and ensure high levels of performance regardless of concurrency in millions and at the same time ensure security as confidential information is at stake. Audeo brings a vast array of experience in hosted infrastructures that maximize performance, optimize availability with custom SLA’s and redefine the boundaries of scalability.

For “Software as a Service” models, cloud hosting is the ultimate cost and resource effective platform to deliver your application to customers.  Working with Audeo, software providers are able to focus their time on developing software knowingly their infrastructure is consistently aligned.


The largest concerns for financial sectors are data security and compliance issues. With Audeo you will have access to enterprise-grade security to keep confidential data secure, all while improving agility, collaboration, and scalability between your employees and clients and increasing business opportunities in new markets.

Enterprise cloud adoption can be complex.

Audeo provides  end-to-end solutions to confidently move to the cloud and continually optimize for lasting results.

Media & Gaming

Audeo can help you keep up with ever changing consumptions patterns and trends, new technologies, new devices, and revenue opportunities.

Audeo has a deep industry expertise with media groups all over the world.  We address the most prevalent business and tech challenges, so as how to adapt content offerings with changing or fluctuating demand.

In today’s complex gaming industry, customers expect higher levels of personalization, interaction, and engagement.  With Audeo , your company moves to the next level,  Audeo’s expertise can help you thrive as product-focused and consumer driven organization ; evaluating new online and offline opportunities, and exploring new monetization models in today’s gaming marketplace.

Additional areas of focus include increasing audience engagement through targeted content delivery and implementing more efficient approaches to managing media assets.

Marketing & Advertising

Streamlining your media distribution systems and stretch your budget even further.

At Audeo, we understand the challenges agencies face in the currenty dynamic environment, which requires streamlining operations, business processes,  multiple asset management,  maintain brand consistency, and meeting client demand.

Find out what’s possible with our digital ad services.

As a full-service provider for Ad Agencies, Audeo focuses on Creative Asset Management.  We collaborate with agencies on their unique creative and business needs, helping them adapt to change and generate better results.