Audeo currently provides a turnkey AWS-compatible Private Cloud solution fronted by Verizon Edgecast, utilizing HP Helion Eucalyptus ( As a trusted HP/Eucalyptus and Edgecast partner, Audeo is a key provider of private cloud services for major international retailers and fashion-forward startups, gaming, entertainment and a multitude of other industries.

Audeo’s private cloud solutions provide an AWS-compatible API layer, administrative console, and Audeo’s own in-house application (Merlin) for simple one-click instance provisioning. Audeo provides comprehensive DevOps consulting in addition to managed hybrid cloud environments to ensure best practice cloud deployment strategies and efficiencies. Our Hosted Private Cloud solution can replace a potentially large, depreciating capital expense with a modest monthly operational expense. Your cloud will be built to fit your exact needs and specifications, and can be deployed in a variety of geographic locations around the world. Our private cloud solutions include support for NetApp, EMC and Dell SAN solutions and are built on top of rock-solid industry standard virtualization platforms.

Audeo can take as much or as little control over the environment as you wish, giving you the flexibility to decide where Audeo’s responsiblities end and yours begin. Our radical approach to systems integration and buildouts can reduce the cost of your managed hosting environments by up to 50% in some cases. Even when moving from a public cloud to Audeo’s private cloud hosting environment, companies can often save 25-50%, gaining more performance and capacity at the same time!

Our turnkey private clouds can scale from as little as 48 to thousands of cores, with a variety of storage and networking options. Audeo’s clouds come pre-equipped with CDN-backed site acceleration and are backed by rock solid NetApp storage.

Industry Leading Hardware

Audeo’s team of talented engineers can identify the best hardware to suit your specific needs.

An international network of datacenters with self-healing networks and perimeter security.

Database Management

Our senior DBAs support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to the contents of Oracle RAC, SQL Enterprise, MySQL, and PostGRESQL platforms.

Industry Compliance

Our datacenters are audited for SSAE-16, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance frameworks, and our team of engineers can guide you through audits.