Are you ready to make the transition to cloud computing?

There are many details and aspects to consider before transitioning.

Cloud computing can help almost any enterprise meet most IT service needs at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher return on investment (ROI).

Is the Cloud the right direction?

Cloud computing can help almost any enterprise meet most IT service needs at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher return on investment (ROI). Strategic benefits can sometimes require additional analysis to measure their financial impact over the investment, in a fully quantitative manner.

The capital investment and the subjectivity of some cloud benefits can create some confusion in determining the benefits of upgrading to a cloud based architecture. Calculating ROI for cloud services requires some up-front work , from knowledgeable specialists, to understand business requirements, organizational maturity, control considerations and regulatory requirements and to quantify benefits and costs associated with the cloud model that meets your needs.

Security, Governance, and Performance

Security, governance and performance are all parts of cloud-based platforms.

Security should underpin every cloud project.

Address governance — including policy-based orchestration and service orAPI management — early in the process.

Performance also should be engineered into cloud-based applications. Cloud-native interfaces boost performance and are more cost-effective.

The Right Talent and Team

Qualified in-house cloud architects, developers and operators are in short supply and extremely valuable.

Unqualified IT pros can make costly mistakes, and can cost a company significant resources.

Audeo can assist in hiring new assets, training of your existing staff, or do a combination of both.

It’s important to have objective knowledgeable specialists  involved the in the review of in-house talent as well as screening potential new additions with the right skills.

A transition to the cloud drives a systemic change in how you leverage computing resources. You need the best of the best on your team.

Choosing the Correct Platform

The right cloud platform is based on your application and business requirements; and in some cases, a mix of cloud types will best meet your needs.

When selecting public or private clouds, Audeo will help map your business requirements to the technology seamlessly. It is imperative understand the capabilities of the platform, as well as the costs; in order to match the right applications to the right cloud.

In many cases, the most efficient architecture will have several cloud models at play, including private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds. In addition, as many as four or five brands may create the target environment.